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eating fruit in the office

For a lot of people, fruit isn’t necessarily the go to snack. We understand this – there is nothing wrong with a sugary treat every now and again, because you deserve it! But in saying this, our goal at Fruidel is to replace the majority of unhealthy snacks with fruit, especially within the workplace, where health and wellbeing is key. Below are 5 benefits of fruit. 

natural source of energy

Benefits of fruit: Reason 1

Fruits are a natural source of instant energy. They will increase your energy and keep your blood sugar stable for a long time.

reduce high blood pressure

Benefits of fruit: Reason 2

One of the most effective ways to reduce and lower high blood pressure is to consume more potassium – a nutrient abundantly found in bananas.


Benefits of fruit: Reason 3

Due to today’s lifestyles that include sitting at a desk for long hours. Eating fruit as a snack or even as a meal helps maintain acceptable weight levels.


Reason 4

Healthy, happy, alert and focused employees are naturally far more productive than the ones who may be sluggish, suffering from low-moods and not completely focused on their work.


Reason 5

Clementine which are found to be rich in vitamin C – provide protection against immune system deficiencies including common colds, and even skin wrinkling.


get your 5-a-day

How do these NHS approved benefits of fruit sound to you?

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