Terms & Conditions Fruidel: Office Fruit & Milk Delivery UK Wide

Pricing Structure

Our price for providing the fruit including delivery is set out overleaf. Based on current government legislation, the Fruidel service aligns with the zero-rated for VAT purposes and therefore VAT does not need to be added to the price. Where additions or reductions to your order are requested, we will advise you of any associated change to our price.

For your and our administrative ease, we aim to keep prices fixed for periods of four months at a time. The only time that we will change pricing prior to four months would be if there is an unforeseen circumstance that causes fruit prices to soar (e.g. natural disaster, conflict, etc) that materially affects fruit prices or other costs that impact our business (e.g. fuel prices). Within this fixed price arrangement, we will always provide the quantity of fruit ordered overleaf. Wholesale fruit prices do, however, fluctuate for many reasons throughout the year. Where these fluctuations are substantial (for example, bad weather may mean that much less of a particular type of fruit is produced than normal, resulting in higher prices for the reduced quantity available), it may be necessary to alter the selection of fruit included however you will always get the number of pieces your chosen basket has as standard.

We will always try to avoid implementing these changes wherever possible and furthermore in undertaking periodic pricing reviews, we will only seek to change pricing where there is a medium to long-term shift in fruit prices or other costs that materially impact our business (e.g. fuel prices). Where there is a need to change our prices, we will advise you of any changes in good time of new pricing taking effect.

Your Fruidel Account 

Once you receive and accept the order form issued by Fruidel you are agreeing to our standard terms and conditions stated, signatures are not required for this agreement as it is a verbal agreement that is legally binding.


We invoice on the last working day of each month for the following month. In order to align with our standard invoicing dates, the date of the first invoice issued to you is given on your agreement to use Fruidel Ltd. It is company practice to allow payment terms of 7 days upon receipt of your invoice each month. If there are any specific invoicing procedures you want us to follow, please let us know in good time of the issue of our first invoice.

We accept the following payment methods – BACS, Cheque, DD, Debit Card and Credit Card.

The Baskets

The Baskets are the property of Fruidel Ltd. We will rotate the Baskets each time we deliver – if a Basket is damaged or goes missing, there is a replacement fee of £9.99 per big Basket or £8.40 per small Basket. Each time our delivery team collects the empty Baskets (“empties”) they note down the number of empties received (from the previous delivery). We then regularly monitor the empties received from each client to ensure they are being accounted for.

Delivery Issues 

Any missed or wrong deliveries need to be reported on email via accounts@fruidel.com on the same day it was due to be delivered for us to action the necessary credits or redeliveries.

Any substandard fruit related issues must be documented to us via email along with photographic evidence on the day the fruit was delivered for us to take action.


If at any time you wish to stop using our service, we ask that you send an email to accounts@fruidel.com – your order will stop at the end of the following month.

If you have any questions or queries in relation to the contents of this Order Acceptance, please let us know.

Upon accepting your first delivery of fruit, you have accepted the above terms of conditions and your Fruidel account will begin.

Finally, thank you again for choosing Fruidel. We always value client feedback and therefore if you have any comments at any time, please contact us.

Order Amendments

  • For order alterations please email any one of our Customer Service team, we are unable to take these over the phone. If you decide to alter your order we can action this  for you but we will need to be informed 48 hours the day before your fruit basket arrives to your office. This is because our warehouse team purchase the fruit up-front from our market based suppliers. Milk orders can be amended up to 1pm the day before your delivery arrives. Our drivers don’t make deliveries on Bank Holidays or during the Christmas Period. A week beginning with a Bank Holiday will be scheduled as the following:

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Monday’s baskets delivered (Tuesday only deliveries will also made on this day if the customer doesn’t have a Monday delivery already)

Wednesday –  Normal deliveries

Thursday –  Normal deliveries

Friday – Normal deliveries

Please not that we cannot accept any basket reductions more than one basket during a Bank Holiday week. This is due to the fact that preparations for Bank Holidays are made weeks in advance by both our admin team and the warehouse team.




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