1 Fruidel Basket = 30 bricks to build a new school in Zambia (10p Donation)

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Build It International is delighted to announce it is the chosen charity partner of Fruidel – the office fruit company based in Manchester.

Fruidel will be making a donation for every basket of fruit they sell, while raising awareness of the work Build It carries out. The campaign will highlight that an average basket of fruit is equal to 30 bricks. It takes approximately 6,000 bricks to build a classroom – meaning Fruidel and its customers will be making a huge difference, literally brick by brick.

To date, Build It has invested over £6m in Zambia and completed 34 major construction projects. The buildings are architect-designed, built to a very high standard, use sustainable materials and techniques wherever possible, and have a life-expectancy of 30+ years.

Through these projects, 410 builders have been trained (a third being women), providing improved education and health facilities, and better services to over 42,000 Zambian children and their families. Not only that, this has had an indirect impact on a further 200,000 people.

Each year, an independent impact report is commissioned. And in 2015, this found that 82% of our graduates remain working in construction and 64% have trebled their income. Enrolment at the schools has increased by 55% overall and the number of government teachers posted to schools in 2013-14 has gone up from 1 to 30.


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