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Great ideas start somewhere… and Fruidel grew from nothing more than a brainstorming session between two friends. Co-founders Jason and Steven both had a dream of setting up their own business after working in the corporate world for many years. But their dream was bigger than that; they wanted to start a company that would put smile on people’s faces and benefit businesses. After tossing ideas back and forth, an idea suddenly came to them.
“Why don’t we supply fruit?”

That idea became Fruidel – and the rest, they say, is history.
Since opening their doors in 2015, Fruidel has experienced growth previously thought impossible. They supply premium fruit baskets to over 3000 offices across the country – helping companies increase productivity, enhance morale and promote a happy, healthy workplace, while keeping costs low.

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Why did you choose Fruidel?

We know that Fruidel supply to some of our other offices and were looking for a company that would be reliable with good quality fruit.


Why did Car Finance 247 decide to offer staff daily fruit baskets?

We looked at a number of companies, but Fruidel stood out for us on service, quality and price, and we have not been disappointed, we would happily recommend them to other offices.


What noticeable difference did fruit bring to your office?

Everyone loves the fruit and they look forward to it being delivered each Tuesday morning, it is a great talking point in what they think we will get each week.


Why did you decide to use Fruidel to supply your milk?

I believe it was what the company was looking for someone who is reliable and professional.






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